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Infinit Denim

Black canvas duffel bag

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Black mini sport bag with adjustable handle and zipper. Made from our eco recycled Infinit Denim fabric. 25 cm long x 13 cm diameter.

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Sutainability and materials

Organic, recycled and sustainable material. Made with 65% recycled fibers and 35% lyocell. 29% of the fabric's composition are post-consumer jeans fibers from Infinit Denim's Back To Eco upcycling workshop.

Local and sustainable manufacturing. Made ethically in the Back To Eco workshop in Barcelona, respecting the rights of workers.

Vegan. No animal-derived materials.

Recyclable. At the end of its life cycle, you can contact us and we will take care of returning it to the Infinit Denim workshop where they will try to extend its life to infinity.


Wash at 30ºC
Do not bleach
Do not use dryer

About the brand

Infinit Denim is committed to innovation, through upcycling, industrial recycling and a circular business model. They have helped divert more than 20 tons of post-consumer jeans from landfills and incinerators and promote the recovery of the real value of fabrics.