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Trench coat

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Stylish sand colored waterproof jacket below the hip.

Belt with D-ring and details on the cuffs

Side pockets and belt.

Made from organic cotton and recycled polyester.

This jacket is 100% free of PFCs, a harmful chemical for the environment normally used as a waterproof material.

Sutainability and materials

Organic, recycled and sustainable material. 57% organic cotton and 43% recycled polyester, materials that reduce water consumption in the process. Sustainable manufacturing. Made in China, respecting the rights of workers. Vegan. No animal-derived materials. Recyclable: Recycled polyester can be used again, which is why it is a highly valued material within the circular economy.

Care Instructions

About the brand

Sustainability, innovation, quality and timeless design are part of Ecoalf's DNA as a sign of durability and responsibility. Chasing the latest trend is not one of your goals. They believe that good design looks neither old nor new, it is simply a bridge between the past and the future.