We have carefully chosen the brands with which we have launched this project, based on 7 criteria: local manufacturing, vegan product, recycled material, organic material, sustainable manufacturing, recyclable material and sustainable material. This is so that you keep in mind at all times the characteristics of each item you see on our website, and the reasons why we have chosen it. Below we explain a little more about each of these criteria:


Local Production.png These garments are manufactured locally in Spain and Portugal, significantly reducing emissions from transportation of both the materials and the finished product. Local manufacturing also ensures that working conditions are met in accordance with European Union legislation.


Vegan.png These garments are completely vegan, thus ensuring that no product of animal origin has been used in the raw material, not even recycled.


Recycled Material.png The garments that have this logo are made from materials that have a high percentage of recycled fibers or fabrics. These garments help us reduce the amount of textile and non-textile waste that is generated every day.


Organic Material.png They are garments that are made from organic and natural materials and fabrics that have been produced in the least harmful way possible for the planet. They minimize the impact on production and renounce the use of pesticides, opting for water-based inks.


Sustainable Manufacturing.png These garments are manufactured following practices and processes that seek to be more respectful of the environment. An example of this type of manufacturing would be the reduced use of water in denim.


Recyclable Material.png This symbol appears on garments that, due to the composition of the materials and the manufacturing processes of the relevant brands, are mostly recyclable. This means that, the day this garment no longer serves its purpose, its materials can be reused and will have a second life.


Sustainable Material.png These garments are made from materials that do not compromise the resources of future generations, and their fundamental principle is respect for the environment, as well as for the work of all the people involved in the process. All the garments you will find on our website will carry this symbol.