Vegan clothes

We guarantee you that these clothes are made without animal products.

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Organic clothes

Clothes and accesories that take care of your skin and the planet thanks to their chemical-free materials.

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Recyclable clothes

These clothes' materials can be recycled. Simply contact us when you decide to donate the clothes from this category.

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Recycled clothes

Materials such as cotton, tyre or poliester have been recycled to produce these clothes.

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Did you know that an exact definition of sustainable fashion doesn't exist?

If you want to know if a fashion garment is sustainable, you need to look at different elements such as the place of production, the materials used, the possible second life of the piece, or the production processes.

We have ensured that the clothes sold in Kyklikós comply at least with one of these values, so you can rest easy knowing that all clothes sold here are kind with the planet.


Discover our sustainable clothing brands!

We have carefully selected the brands that work with us. While they are all Spanish and fight for a better planet, each of them has a unique history, a different place of origin and its own sustainable values.

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Surprise yourself with our sustainable looks

Hipatia Look

Hipatia Look

Outfit idea: green dress made from textile waste with flat sandals tied... 

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