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Vegan white sneakers

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These vegan sneakers are the product you were looking for. On the outside they are beautiful with the details in a sand tone. And inside your foot will be perfectly comfortable and safe since the interior is 100% breathable, does not smell bad, is anti-allergic, antimicrobial and regulates temperature.

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Sutainability and materials

Recycled and sustainable material. Made from recycled and bio-based materials, such as corn or cotton waste. The main part of the shoe and the inner lining are made from a high-quality, breathable, lightweight, versatile microfiber with a very high resistance to abrasion. The heel and the front part of the laces are made from recycled PET (an ecological material whose production is free of CO2 emissions). In addition, it does not contain chromium VI, a carcinogenic chemical component when in contact with the skin that is widely used in the footwear industry for leather tanning. The laces are made from regenerated yarn and cotton, free of fatalates (chemical substances present in a large part of clothing that can be harmful to the skin). The insole is an ultra-comfortable 100% recycled foam with a removable, vegetable-based active carbon insole. And the sole is recycled, made from rice husks and thermoplastic rubber, a 100% recyclable material that does not lose its properties. The shoes have the GRS Global Standard Recycled certificate.

Local and sustainable manufacturing. Made in Galicia and Portugal, with suppliers from the area. Respecting the rights of workers. Compared to a leather shoe, 47.3% less water is used, 45.2% less CO2 emissions and 79.1% less PO4 emissions.*

Vegan. No animal-derived materials.Peta Vegan Approved.

*Study of our production chain carried out by BCOME.


Wash your vegan sneakers in cold water in the washing machine for the shortest time possible. Remember to remove the templates.
Do not use bleach or put your vegan shoes in the dryer.
They can be cleaned with natural soap and a cloth dampened with water.
Kyklikós is not responsible for damage caused by washing in any other way.

About the brand

Beflamboyant is a vegan brand that creates sustainable and unisex shoes made ethically by fair trade workers. Its mission is to promote a new form of responsible consumption with the environment, animals and people.