El Origen de Kyklikós

The Origin of Kyklikós

From Greek κυκλικός (kyklikós); κύκλος (kýklos) + -ικος (-ikós) Cyclic, round, circular.< /p>

Society is concerned about the planet and sustainability, but still not all consumers make a real change in their purchasing actions, nor do they actively search for information on sustainability.

The main objective of Kyklikós is to bring sustainability closer to that growing number of fashion buyers who are increasingly concerned about the level of responsibility in the production of garments. These buyers seek to have a more sustainable lifestyle and are informed on the subject, being one of the decisive factors in the purchase decision process. Likewise, Kyklikós serves as a platform and loudspeaker for those small brands with values aligned with responsible fashion with the environment and with society.

Momoc Shoes, handmade with recycled and vegan materials.

Momoc Shoes, handmade with recycled and vegan materials.

At Kyklikós you will discover that sustainability is for everyone regardless of your budget or style. With a creative direction taken care of to the maximum, we have selected a series of brands in line with our sustainability criteria, so that we assure you that each purchase you make from our website is 100% responsible throughout the entire chain. of production. You will find a selection of brands made in Spain that are committed to local production models and timeless styles that are resistant to ephemeral trends. In addition, since all the brands are on the same website, it is much easier to get to know them all, being able to purchase several products with each purchase and easily create your sustainable wardrobe.

Do you join this new cycle?

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