¿Qué es la Sotenibilidad para Kyklikós?

What is Sustainability for Kyklikós?

Kyklikós is sustainability. It is transparency, positivity and avant-garde. We are focused on the fashion sector, seeking to make sustainability accessible through responsible brands and a careful image.

Our products are aimed at people who seek to have a more responsible lifestyle with the planet and with society. Through the brands we work with, we promote the elimination of textile waste.

At kyklikós we propose a multi-brand e-commerce model, with the intention that more and more Spanish brands join our platform that drives change in the industry of fashion We value local trade and the savoir faire that characterizes Spanish crafts, which have centuries of tradition; our mission is to preserve it. Since all the brands are on the same website, it is much easier to get to know them all, being able to purchase several products with each purchase and making it easier for you to create your net zero wardrobe.

In the essence of Kyklikós is taking maximum care of aesthetics, demonstrating that sustainability and style are not at odds, but rather complement each other, sustainable is sexy ! For this reason, we have an internal photographer who is in charge of photographing all our products and campaigns, thus achieving an attractive and consistent aesthetic throughout the web.

We have carefully chosen the brands with which we have launched this project, based on 7 criteria: vegan materials, local manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing, organic material, sustainable material, recycled material and recyclable material. This is so that you keep in mind at all times the characteristics of each article you see on our website, and the reasons why we have chosen it.

To see more information about what these criteria mean for Kyklikós and what we have used to categorize the garments, visit our sustainability.

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