About Kyklikós

from Greek κυκλικός (kyklikós); κύκλος (kýklos) +‎ -ικός (-ikós)

Do you join this new cycle?

Cyclic, round, circular

Hello! We are Ariana and Cristina, and a few months ago we decided to combine forces to create Kyklikós, a space where fashion and sustainability merge.

From the Greek for “cyclical”, Kyklikós symbolizes everything that can have a second life, with the circular economy being a key element in achieving a responsible industry without losing Her beauty. This project focuses on the cycle of clothing, giving consumers the opportunity to learn about new brands, as well as the necessary tools to make better purchasing decisions in this first life cycle of the garment.

Here you can discover Spanish sustainable fashion, for all the people who want to contribute their grain of sand on this path and join the cycle of sustainable fashion with style .


KYKLIKÓS is born from our own desire to buy sustainable clothes, and our frustration at not finding accessible and easy options around us that match the way we dress. From our perspective, it seemed to us that in order to dress ethically you had to give up your style, or spend a lot of time looking for small brands that do nice things.

That's when we realized that we were not alone in this search, and that there were many people who, just like us, wanted to be kinder to the planet and the human beings at the same time. time to dress, but I couldn't find an easy way to do it. The problem was not the lack of desire, but the lack of possibilities.

At that time we understood that the path to sustainability lies not only in the hands of consumers or governments, but that companies also have a great responsibility to offer alternatives that meet these demands. We got to work and discovered the wide variety of wonderful Spanish brands that were already doing their bit with sustainable and beautiful products. To bring these brands closer to a more general public, and under the motto of union is strength, we created kyklikos.com . By bringing all these brands together, we seek to make sustainable fashion accessible, without the need to do a lot of research, buy on various websites or give up your style.

The path to a more ethical lifestyle is not easy and unfortunately it depends on many factors that we cannot control. The good thing is that it is up to us to learn and inform ourselves to make more conscious decisions and be kinder to the planet and people. We want to be part of your journey towards sustainability, and for you to learn from us as we will from you. Because the important thing is not that you get a 10/10 in sustainability (neither we nor our products have it!), but that little by little you incorporate a more sustainable thought and way of acting into your day to day.