About Kyklikós

from Greek κυκλικός (kyklikós);   κύκλος (kýklos) +‎ -ικός (-ikós)

Will you join this new cycle?

Cyclic, round, circular

Hey there! We are Ariana and Cristina, and a few months ago we decided to join forces to create Kyklikós, a space where fashion and sustainability merge.

From the Greek word"cyclic", Kyklikós symbolizes everything that can have a second life, knowing the importance that a circular economy will have in achieving a sustainable industry without losing its beauty. This project focuses on the clothing cycle, giving consumers the opportunity to meet new brands, as well as the necessary tools to make better purchase decisions in this first life cycle of the garment. 

Here you will discover sustainable Spanish fashion, have the opportunity to contribute and join us in the cycle of sustainable fashion with style.