Entrevistamos a Alex, fundadora de LE BOBÚ

We interviewed Alex, founder of LE BOBÚ

What inspired you to create LE·BOBÚ?

I love the world of entrepreneurship and for many years, always I wanted to set up something of my own. Besides, I have been sewing my own clothes for many years. This led me to love fashion and hate the sector. I thought I could add value and change things a bit if I created a sustainable fashion brand for all those people who enjoy experimenting with their style, but don't want to give up their values. So I did!

If LE·BOBÚ were a person, how would it be?

It would be a person who knows how to appreciate details, is one of those who notice the little things that only a person accustomed to observing is able to see. A person who knows what his values are and tries to live according to them, while embracing his contradictions. The typical person who when she goes to a party, her outfit always stands out (maybe not always in a good way, but, hey, she goes all out). It is that person who, when you buy something, always explains the story behind that acquisition, as if it were just as important as the object purchased.

What is the process of creating a model of the brand?

It is very organic. The good thing about being an emerging brand is that we can set our own tempos. We are not forced to launch a collection because the big brands have already presented their autumn/winter collection or because if you release news every two weeks, people will be more aware of you.

For For me, as a designer, each garment has its own meaning and its own universe. It tells a story and is designed with a specific purpose. I like to have few clothes and release something when I have found the perfect design.

That's why I spend the day with my eyes wide open, always looking for inspiration and sewing prototypes. When I think I've found something that might fit the brand, I sew a prototype for myself and wear it a lot, whenever I can and at as many events as possible. This is how I do my particular “quality control”. This allows me to see if the design is versatile, if it is a garment that encourages your creativity and allows you to wear it on many occasions and is easily combinable. Apart, of course, from seeing if the quality of the fabric is good, if it breathes well, if it doesn't stain easily and if the pattern fits perfectly for a busy day. If each day that passes, I am just as excited to wear that design, as the day before, and apart from this, this peculiar quality control has passed, I have found a design worthy of being part of my brand.

How do you see LE·BOBÚ in ten years?

I dream big and I think LE·BOBÚ has the perfect ingredients so that it can grow as long as we want.

In 10 years, I see LE·BOBÚ as a pioneering brand in innovation within sustainable fashion. With our own offices and workshops, (yes, all in the same place). That it be a space open to everyone, where they can come to try on their clothes and be able to make the adaptations right there and see who sews their clothes and how we work.

I see that LE· BOBÚ has a lot of international projection and I hope to be physically present in the different European capitals and why not, in Asia, that market interests me a lot.

Who is Alex, outside of LE·BOBÚ?

I consider myself a constant, cheerful and fun person. I really like challenges and see how far I am able to go. I always try to be faithful to my principles and ideas and I'm working on not tormenting myself so much when I don't succeed. Apart from sewing, I love to read, visit museums, go to the sea, play with my dog, and visit my grandmother.

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