Últimas innovaciones aplicadas a la moda sostenible

Le ultime innovazioni applicate alla moda sostenibile

The concept of innovation has become in one of the main issues to be discussed in recent times, as a tool to be able to operate with responsible criteria with the environment and with society. Innovation today is considered a key factor for national economies to work in a competitive world and for the world economy to face global challenges such as the climate emergency or poverty.

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We currently have technological innovations that make production more efficient, of higher quality, offer more personalized products and release products that have reached the end of their useful life , converting them into completely new products, thus ensuring their circularity.

For example, 3D printing technology can enlarge significantly the creative possibilities in the fashion industry; for example, the production of fashion items with recycled tire, is possible thanks to this innovation. At Kyklikós you will find Momoc Shoes, with recycled tire soles and no component of animal origin.

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Ecoalf coat made from recycled materials.

Other great innovations at the service of sustainable fashion have been the alternatives to traditional denim production. In Kyklikós you will find Captain Denim garments, whose production is carried out with biomass as the main energy source, and solar panels that complement it. In addition, the raw material to put the entire factory into operation is of organic origin: peach pits, olive pits or pistachio shells. For its part, Infinit Denim, also available in Kyklikós, is committed to innovation, through upcycling, industrial recycling and a circular business model.

This boom in visibility that innovation applied to sustainability has suffered, largely as a result of the ravages caused by the pandemic, has fortunately been the push that was missing so that the general public was finally agree that sustainability is the future of the fashion industry.

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