vegan garments

We guarantee that these garments do not contain any material of animal origin.

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organic garments

Clothes and accessories that take care of both your skin and the environment by being free of chemicals.

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recyclable garments

The materials of these garments can be recycled. When you decide that these clothes have a second life, you just have to contact us.

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recycled garments

To produce these clothes, materials such as cotton, tires or polyester have been used.

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Did you know that there is no exact definition of sustainability?

To know if a garment is sustainable, you have to look at different factors such as the place of production, the materials used, the later life of the garments or the production processes.

At Kyklikós we have made sure that all the clothes we sell meet at least one of these parameters, so you can buy with the peace of mind that everything is kinder to the planet.


Get to know our sustainable brands

We have carefully selected the brands we work with. They are all of Spanish origin and fight for a better planet. In addition, each one has its own history, its own place of origin and its own values of sustainability.

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Surprise yourself with our sustainable looks

Look Ipazia

Look Ipazia

Vestito verde, con sandali piatti legati alle caviglie e borsa a tracolla... 

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